Yes, I have finally completely embraced my inner-nerdiness by not only studying IT-technology, but by starting a blog 😛  What can I say though…

I’ve decided to give this blog thing a try. Time will only tell how long I keep this up. Since I’ve been living for 19 years, and only been blogging for about an hour, I’m not about to try and catch people up on my life experiences. But I can give the cliffnotes. I study IT-Technology at a college in Bergen, Norway. Which is pretty ironic considering my never-ending bad luck with anything electronic. I moved into a new apartment this summer with two pretty awesome roommates, Tone and Katrine, and let me tell you…. I love my parents, but its nice to be out living on your own (figuratively), and just being all responsible and ish. Or at least as responsible as I can be 😛 So this blog is basically gonna be about mine and my roommates college experiences 😀 Just a little F.Y.I. for anyone who still lives at home, make sure you have an alochol fund saved up before you move out, because a verrrry big amount of my money has been spent in that catagory 😛 Buts thats all good.

That’s all for now folks 😀

By Sass

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