We rock at life…


Ok, so I get that most people think that their friends are the coolest people ever, right. But I am totally not even joking, me and my friends rock at life. I can say this and totally have it be true, because even though this weekend was totally normal for us, it was still fun. Only awesome people can make normal fun. 

I had planned this weekend to be my sober weekend of the month, and get caught up on studying, homework and all my responsible ish. Do you think that happened? Well a little bit, but not as much as it should have 😛

If I had to sum up this weekend in one word that would prolly be: random. Friay was supposed to be like a normal sober weekend for me and Tone (Katrine was gone all weekend). Relaxing on the couch, snacks and a movie. Did it happen like that?? Not exactly. To make things fun we threw in a biting/marker war (she was biting, I had the marker), a computer who’s password we could not find out for the life of us, another computer with a split screen and a scratchy dvd. Lets just say that we laughed, a lot. Our movie of choice was Bridget Jones, hot men with british accents never fail ;D 


 Saturday was supposed to be all about studying and working out at the gym. Ha ha ha. Yeah right. We ended up sitting in front of our computers almost all day playing Scrabble of all things. Its a very addicting game.

Sunday was the day we were really gonna study, like for real this time. Psssh. When Tone got home from Martin’s guess what the first thing we did was. Yupp, Scrabble on Facebook. Then we continued in the evening with our traditonal sunday movie get together with Tora, only this time we had an added bonus, ÅSE! YAY! And since me and Tone had been so unhealthy all weekend we decided to munch on veggies and dip,and watch 10 Thing I Hate About You. Another movie with a hot guy and a hot accent, whats not to love? 😉



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