Serioulsy happy!

Ok so today  I am willing to bet that I am the happiest person in Bergen 😀 Here’s the story.

Part 1: So two weeks ago I was out partying with my roommates and friends, and basically just having a fucking awesome time…. until I put my hand in my jacket pocket and realized that my phone wasn’t there. Now me being the ever optimist, and extremely clumsy, figured that I dropped it somewhere. But no. Some loser with no life apparantly thought stealing my phone and then turning it off so I couldnt call would be fun. Anyways the point is I went without a phone for two and a half weeks waiting for the phone company to send me my sim card, which I got today! Yay! It feels amazing having my phone back 😀

Part 2: Last weekend Camilla and Marte were visiting us. And like we usually do on sundays after a weekend of partying we decided to have a movie night. since there wasn’t enough room for all of us on the couch I was sitting on the floor right by the table with the laptop on it (we don’t have a tv). Most people who know me, know that I am one of the clumsiest people ever. So silly me, I managed to spill a glass of milk on my computer, and then just kinda sat there in shock and watch it sink into the keyboard. Needless to say the compter didn’t turn back on….. until yesterday 😀 I had totally thought that it was dead and I would have to get a new one, but nope. after over a week with no compter I got my old one back with all my stuff on it 😀 And for that I can deal with the sticky keyboard ;D

So basically I am back in the world of technology and I love it. Its was weird to realize how much I depend on my cellphone and computer. Its not like one or the other, I need both. But I think that applies to most people these days, so I don’t feel bad 😀


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