You Know You’re in College…

You know when you’re in college when…

  1. You’re extremely sick, but still showing up to class as if attending intro Bio was your dying wish.
  2. You think back on all the people who told you to enjoy high school and now agree with them entirely. 
  3. You’re pulling off so many all-nighters that you rarely know what month, day, time it is.
  4. You are completely out of tune with the media unless you need to read the newspaper for a class.
  5. Your brain feels entirely fried from all the studying, memorizing, cramming, etc.
  6. You take a break from your work, but can’t relax because you’re so tense/anxious to finish it.
  7. You wake up with textbook pages glued to your face, lights still on, and somehow immediately go back to studying.
  8. You start making lecture references and blurting out facts in the middle of a completely normal conversation.
  9. You barricade yourself in your room to finish work that seems endless while everyone else has “fun”. 
  10. Your less busy friends ask you, “Where have you been lately?” as if you went missing for the past year.
  11. Laundry piles up, you have nothing to wear and you really don’t care what you look like.
  12. Skip meals, eat your feelings, completely screw up any potential of a healthy diet.
  13. You even find procrastinating tiring.
  14. Your definition of late keeps moving back.
  15. You notice prevalent bags under your eyes, making you look like a depressed insomniac.
  16. You actually find free time and you have no idea what to do with the time because you forgot what it feels like to have time to spare.
  17. A dollar’s value to you triples, along with the change that you once considered dropping on the floor to lighten your wallet/pocket at one time.
  18. You don’t know how to respond to, “How are you?” because you question if your current lifestyle is actually considered living.
  19. You’re dying for a natural disaster to shut down your school permanently. 
  20. The only reason you can think of for staying is for a sheet of paper, signed, stamped, decorated, saying you can finally get out of here.

Hahaha. This is hardcore. There are like prolly 5 points at the most that I have to deal with. I must be doing college wrong 😛 I think my college experience is better described in Asher Roth’s song “I Love College”. Here’s the vid. 😀


One comment on “You Know You’re in College…

  1. Went back superduper far in case my lovely friends decide to creep on you to get the password. 🙂

    santa monica

    remember the space! 🙂

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