Another effing awesome weekend.

Wow. Just wow. It is going to be very hard to give this weekend full justice, but I’m gonna try.

This weekend started friday afternoon for me, Tone and Katrine when one of Tone’s friends from home came to visit. Now let me just say, this girl is fucking awesome. Like you don’t even know. We got pizza from Pizza Bakeren and then went home to start getting ready for Tora, Anders and Julie’s superhero party. So for the superhero party me and Tone were originally gonna dress up as each other, and be eachothers heroes, but then I got the awesome idea that I wanted to be an incredible. So Marte and Tone didn’t dress up, I was an incredible and Katrine was catwomen (or as I later named her, Batman’s bootycall), you can just imagine the stares that we got when we were walking through the city center to the bus stop 😛 But it was worth it. The party was off the hook. There was about 30 people there, and everyone was determined to have a good time. I think Im willing to go out on a limb and say that I think everyone did. Almost everyone had an outfit on. We had powerpuff girls, Edward Cullen, Darth Vader, and Pippi Longstocking among other things. After about 4 hours of partying at their house, we decided to take a trip into town. We were all gonna meet up at our regular club, Scotsman, but poor miss Tora was too drunk to get in. In reality she was pretty sober, and I was the drunk one (plus I’m underage) so she should have gotten in, not me. But thats life. So we migrated to a different club. Now this is where the night gets pretty blurry for me. I don’t really remember what happened, but I’ve been told that everyone had a pretty good time. We were all really drunk, so I don’t think anything could have gotten us down 😛 Here are some pictures of the amazing night: 

So as you can imagine, we were all pretty wrecked the next morning. Katrine and Tone woke up feeling pretty shitty, and I woke up still drunk. That should tell you about how much I had to drink that night 😛 The only person who was in good shape was Marte. She is a real lifer 😀 So Tone and Marte had planned to go shopping on saturday. I tried to join them, but my drunkness wore off around 1 and that’s when the hangover hit. Needless to say, I went home and just slept until 5:15. Then I had to get up and go to dinner with some friends, cause it turned out that one of my old friends from Kristiansand was in town visiting. Now that was a great night. We had homemade pizza, and relaxed and watched TV with chips, chocolate and wine. Well I didn’t partake in the wine, cause my hangover was still pretty bad. After I went home, me and Katrine were home alone and decided to have a movie night. Our movie of choice was The Convenant. Hots guys. Awesome movie. That’s it.

Today (Sunday) has been a sleep in day. We all slept until early afternoon, then we decided to go for a walk in the park. Now this is not just any old park. This is Bergen’s famous narko-park, like drug park. Marte was curious to see what the drug addicts looked like, lol. After that I had to leave to go to a study session with a friend from school, blah. I hate computer programming, it is the worst thing ever. Marte, unfortunately, had to leave. Tone is staying at Martin’s house. And now me and Katrine are home alone again “doing homework” (mark the quotations). All in all this weekend was a huge success. I can’t wait until next weekend. I’m sure it will be just as fun, if not funner 😀



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