Roommates Ditch Day!

Now this was my kind of day thats for sure. Me and both my roommates decided to stay home from school today, all for different reasons. Poor Tone was in too much pain 😦 , I fell asleep when I was trying to get ready which I took as a sign to go back to bed, and Katrine was just too addicted to One Tree Hill to leave the house 😀 . So instead of going to school, we decided to do our school work at home. We tried really hard to actually do the work, and we did get some done, but homework just wasn’t in the cards for us. Mostly because me and Katrine went on a downloading spree the past two days, and now have tons of movies and shows to watch(We use bitcomet and piratebay for those of you who want to know) . I think our new addictions are Glee and Bones :D.

Ken was vitisting Bergen from Kristiansand, so he came over with one of his friends Ida. That was pretty entertaining. Well, all the way up until he started tormenting me with a spider. (I’m seriously arachnophobic). I was hiding in my roommate’s closet, but he found me and I flipped. That definitely made a mess of her closet. lol Sorry Tone 🙂 But as it turned out he didn’t really have a spider, he was just fucking with me. Which was so not cool.

All in all it was a pretty chill day for a thursday. Can’t wait for sunday though. We are having a Haugetun girls night at Ingrid’s place 😀 Awesome.


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