Yeah, I have to say I was a little disappointed when I looked at the stats for the Sacramento Kings today, and saw that they lost to the Lakers yesterday (I’m talking basketball for those of you who don’t know). Coming from Los Angeles myself, everyone expects me to be a Laker or a Clipper fan. Pssshhh, yeah right. I’ve been a Kings fan as long as I can remember, but the past couple of seasons they have gone waaay downhill. I miss the days of Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Brad Miller and Peja Stojakovic. Now that was a good combination of players on the court. This season the Kings are made up of a bunch of noobs. They have 10 players who have played less than 5 years, 4 of which are rookies. Now I get that some of these players have raw talent, but you can’t knock experience, its important. I know its still preseason, so the stats don’t really matter yet, but let’s get our act together boys. Let’s make this an awesome season, and kick some Laker ass the next time around 😀

By Sass

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