For really?

So today I had a class which is called HTML/Office (Office being Microsoft Office). Ok now I can understand why people would need to learn HTML. There aren’t that many people that know how to do it unless they are computer people. But a class dedicated to Microsft Office…. for really? So far this year we have had lectures on how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. We spent 6 hours of lectures on each one. Seriously. I am willing to bet the everyone who is taking a computer class in college knows how to use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Excel might be a little harder for some people, but does it need 6 hours of lectures to teach it to someone? NO! So today, instead of listening to my lame teacher going on and on about how to make a slide on Powerpoint, I doodled. Lol. What’s sad is that most of class was doing the exact thing that I was. Either that or they were on facebook. Maybe our teacher should take a hint, and understand that he’s not teaching us anything new. And before anyone tries to say that we should tell him we already know all this shit, been there done that. He doesn’t care. That class and that teacher are just a waste of time and sleep. Anyways, rant over.

My doodle.

My doodle.

 Oh and check out Creed’s new single and its video. It’s called Overcome. Way awesome 😀


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