Great Success!

Yeah that’s right. This Halloween was a great success, that’s for sure. We had about 20 people, in this tiny little apartment of ours, but that was all part of the fun. There were lots of different costumes: devil, boxer, cat, playboy bunny and an afro that kept being passed around to everyone. We started around 7:20 and left for the club around midnight. The night in general was just effing awesome.  One reason that it was so amazing, was because Tone’s friend was visiting from Eide. Let me just say, wow, this girl fucking rocks at life. I’m very much looking forward to party hard togther on New Years and take a trip to California together! 

The only bummer about Halloween being over is that now I have to buckle down with my studies. Borrrring. The only thing I have to looking forward to this month, is going to Fredrikstad to visit Camilla, Marte, Jeanette, Heidi and Kristin. We will tear that place up! But after that it will be more studying. Blah.




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