I totally and completely hate exams. Well any tests for that matter, but exams are seriously killers. I have now written 44 pages of notes, and thats only for one class. How am I gonna cope with two more! Beats the shit outta me that’s for sure. At least one of them is math. Math has always been easy. Its definitely the programming and the HTML exams that are gonna fuck me over. AHHHH! This is totally gonna ruin my Christmas if I fail these. And the would be epically bad cause this Christmas break is planned to be fantabulous! I’ll be visiting my sister and brother-in-law up until my birthday on the 27th, then I’ll be going to Tone’s house for the New Year’s party of the century! I can’t wait. Its gonna seriously rock. But first I gotta live through the worst three days of my life; 12/9, 12/17 & 12/21. Wish me luck peeps, I will most def need it.


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