Girls vs. Guys #1

So yesterday me and my roommate got to talking about porn. Now this isn’t an everyday occurrence for those of you who were wondering. She had read an article about an interview done about college dudes (in Norway) and porn. According to this article every single one of the guys that were interviewed owned up to liking porn, not one guy denied it. So that got us thinking. Why do guys like porn so much more than (most) girls? Well, we think we have the answer. When a girl watches porn, the first thing she looks for is the hot guy. And in most cases the guys aren’t that hot, they are corny. So we need to find something else to focus on. The only things left for us to focus on are cheesy lines, unbelievable sex sounds and overall bad acting. Now when a guy watched porn the only thing on his mind is BOOOOOBS. Which you are much more likely to find in a porno than a hot guy. So no wonder they find it more entertaining. The thing they look for first and foremost is always right there. I guess girls get the short end of the stick in this department, but we do win for having standards 😉


4 comments on “Girls vs. Guys #1

  1. I’m not really into this whole realm, but it’s not just that. It’s an immediate gratification. The majority of men feel like they are entitled to things, that they should just be given things. There is no working for it. Instead, women are like kettles that need to warm up, delayed gratification.

    That’s why the porn industry is all towards men, because most movies aren’t made with the big picture in hand. It’s a short example of what sex is for those who can’t get any. They are the ones who need the instant or immediate gratification because, well, they feel entitled to it. It’s just how our mind works.

  2. If you take note, most porn scenes are really short — something like 5-10 minutes. A wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am situation.

    I was reading an interesting article about a few years ago about men vs woman’s perspectives on porn.. and found out that they do make porn for women, it’s just not as common. The women’s porn is very slow, sensual, didn’t really have too much in-your-face sex, and is almost like one of those really super corny pulp romance novels that my lady friends all love. And yes, the woman’s version of porn has good looking guys 😉

    • haha I know about that too, it’s called vanilla porn. But like you said, it’s not that common, and it’s definitely not the first thing people think of when they hear the word porn 😛 But if the guys are hot, why not right? 😛

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