Hangover Cures 101

So today is Saturday. We all know what this means, its time to go out, get drunk and have fun. Which is exacly what I will be doing tonight. And in light of this, I decided to post about hangover cures, the ones that work, the ones that don’t and the ones that are plain stupid.

The Cure: Greasy Food                      Rating: 2/10
The Ruling:
All the protein makes you feel full fast, but all the fattyness will makes it more likely that you will be sick before you even finish the meal.

The Cure: Fruit Smoothie                    Rating: 3/10
The Ruling:
The sugar from the smoothie helps with the nausea and dizziness you get from a hangover, but after the sugar high wears off you’re left worse off than you were before.

The Cure: 15 Minutes of Jogging         Rating: 5/10
The Ruling:
The endorphins that your body releases during a work-out are a quick fix for a hangover. They can make you feel better for a little while, but once they wear off your body will be sore in addition to the hangover.

The Cure: Hair of the Dog                   Rating:7/10
The Ruling:
Drinking a glass of your chosen poison from the night before is basically just putting of the inevitable. You are basically getting drunk again, but its fun while it lasts right?

The Cure: Eating Pasta Before              Rating: 7/10
The Ruling:
Eating pasta before you go out helps slow your stomach from absoring the alcohol, but this can be a bad thing as well since it will take longer for you to feel the effects of the alcohol, you run the risk of drinking more. Still the hangover is less painful the next morning.

The Cure: Milk Thistle                          Rating: 8/10
The Ruling:
There are antioxidents in milk thistle can help your liver after a hard night of partying. Taking two the night of partying, and two the morning after, and you will wake up feel like all you drank was a couple beers.


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