Funny Translations

The best part about being bilingual is that you get the best of both worlds with funny translations. I can speak both norwegian and english(obviously) and it never ceases to amaze me how different the expressions in these two languages are. Here are two very popular mistranslations by a norwegian comedian from norwegian to english:

“Men men, ikke bare bare” – Which in english would be “But but, it’s not only only”. Now I dare someone to tell me a time in the enlgish language where someone would use this expression.

“Det er ikke farten som dreper, men smellen” – The funny translation of this in english would be “It’s not the the fart that kills, its the smell”. Now in english you would never have realized that he is talking about a car crash. In english we would say “Its not the speed that kills, its the crash”.

These kinds of things make me laugh everytime I hear them. My friend Ken who lives in the capital city of Norway was taking the subway awhile back and stumbled upon this sign.

untitledNow in norwegian this sign completely makes sense for being in a subway terminal (take my word for it), but the english sounds more like something you would find at a life coach seminar. In proper english we would have written somethings along the lines of “Choose where you want to go” which is what the norwegian sentence basically says.

Oh man, how I love norwenglish 🙂


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