Are you kidding me?!

I am literally freezing to death. As of now it is -4(24F) degrees Celsius here in Bergen, Norway. And let me tell you this people, its fucking cold. The high temperature for today is reported at being 0 degrees Celsius. Are you kidding me?!?! I am a Southern Californian girl, I shouldn’t be subjected to this weather! I am sitting in my apartment on my couch wearing socks, sweats, a sweater, a thermal undershit, a scarf and I have 3 blankets covering my lap. It should be impossible that I am still cold, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The worst part is that this isn’t even the worst of it. Tonight there is a snow storm coming to town. Tomorrow the highest temperature is supposed to be -10(14F) degrees Celsius! I totally cannot wait to be done with my last exam on monday and get the heck out of here. But knowing Norway, it’ll probably end up being just as cold at my sister’s house. But at least there house has a fireplace (3 in fact) so it will be much cozier and warmer inside. Let’s just hope I survive this to see Christmas and my 20th birthday.


4 comments on “Are you kidding me?!

    • hahaha. but at least you have a fireplace at home 😛 Me and Tone think we should buy a heater when we get back from christmas break. Down? And dude its supposed to be -15 on monday. WTF? lol

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