Eye Candy

So I am majorly addicted to suger. If I ever decided to give it up I would mosdef need a 12 step program. This being said, there is no better candy fix to cure my craving than good eye candy πŸ˜‰
Top 5 Eye Candies

5. Hayden Christiansen


We know Hayden Christiansen from Starwars, Life as a House and Jumper, among other awesome movies.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Amityville Horror, Chaos Theory, The Proposal… Yepp, this hottie was in all of them.

3. Chace Crawford

Everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl eye candy.

2. Mark Salling

From the new hit show Glee. He’s hott and he can sing, what more could a girl want?

1. Jensen Ackles

From Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine and Ten Inch Hero. This guy is just drop dead gorgeous.

Who are your favorite eye candies?


6 comments on “Eye Candy

  1. Chalk one more up for no. 1, Jensen Ackles! That is a man who is drop-dead gorgeous:D It should be illegal to be that sexy. haha.

  2. Ben Afleck, Chad Westwick, Rob Pattison (in a select few pictures), I defff agree to Chace Crawford, AND Hayden, Jude Law is fine as hell too… MMm……Ouuu and Johnnny Depp!!!!

      • Hahaha Thaaaankkss! I just like to pop in one of their DVDs, throw a bucket under my face and drool into it. Hard not to when they look like that. Hot damn! I wake up to Johnny Depp’s gorgeous face every morning. *sigh*

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