Christmas in Sunndal

Right. So this Christmas was full of ups and downs, but all in all it wasn’t all that bad. The best part was definitely my neice and nephews (well 3 out of 5 of them) . I swear I have THE most adorable neice and nephews ever, and if you think your’s are cuter than mine you a seriously mistaken. There is nothing that these kids do that doesn’t make you smile. Even when they are being slightly annoying you can’t resist at least a small grin. They all have the big doe eyes going for them, and can pull a mean pouty/give me what I want face. I love being there aunt cause I can spoil them to no end. My neice’s name is Solveig [pronouced soolv-eye] and she is 9 years old. My nephews are Sigurd, who is 6, and Hallvard, who is 3. He are some of the cutest things that they said during my stay with them. There were many, many more moments that this, but I couldn’t recall them all, unfortunately.

Sigurd(after picking my up at the airport) – I should have brought my map. Now I don’t know the way home, and we are probably lost on the moon or something.

Hallvard (to Santa) – I’ve been nice all year, except for when I was fighting.

Sigurd – “Whoops” is norwegian and “oopsy daisies” is english. They sound the same but they are completely different.

Me – Merry Christmas Hallvard.
Hallvard (runs to look out the window) – Its not Christmas yet.
Me – Yeah it is. Today is the 24th.
Hallvard – But there isn’t any snow outside. Of course its not Christmas if there’s no snow.

Solveig – Aunt Lene! Did you know today is your birthday? That means you’re one year older.

-(While I’m putting on my shoes)
Hallvard –  Aunt Lene, can you come outside with me?
Me – Yeah.
Hallvard –  Well come on then.
Me: I just have to put my shoes on.
Hallvard – *sigh* OK then, if you have to.

Hallvard (trying to reach the cookie jar) – But dad I haven’t had a cookie in a really, really long time.
His dad – Oh really? How long has it been?
Hallvard – Like a whole year!
Hallvard (the next day) – But mom I haven’t had a cookie in a really, really long time.
His mom – Are you sure?
Hallvard – Yeah, its been like a whole year!

Sigurd (when I was leaving to go home) – Well I guess I’ll see you again one day probably.

Oh my. How I wish school hadn’t started yet and I was still with them. I love my sister and her husband and their kids. Their house is just so heart-warming and cozy, and it makes you never, ever want to leave. I can’t wait to go back. It definitely won’t be an entire year again. Hopefully I’ll have time this summer 😀


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