Couldn’t Care Less, People

It’s couldn’t care less people, not could care less. I get so frusterated when I see people using it wrong. If you say you could care less, that means that whatever you are talking about holds some meaning for you, that you care about it. When you say couldn’t care less, that means its at the very bottom of your care list, that it means absolutely nothing to you. See the difference? There are very few things more frusterating when I’m reading something than when I see this mistake. Its not that hard to comprehend. Its basically common sense. Get with it people, couldn’t care less.


2 comments on “Couldn’t Care Less, People

    • Haha. I know right. My sister says it wrong all the time, and I just wanna shake her sometimes and tell her she’s saying it wrong. lol. To me it doesn’t make sense that they don’t see the difference.

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