2012 Phenomenon

Now that its 2010, the 2012 phenomenon is not too far away, only two more years to go to see whats going to happen. According to some people’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar, on December 21st or 23rd of 2012 the world is going so experience a cataclysmic event. Now the are 2 main variations of what people who believe in the Mayan calendar think will happen on those dates. Some people believe that the planet and mankind will experience a spiritual or physical transformation that will mark the start of a new era. Life as we know it will change in a positive way. Conversely others believe that the world will end on this date. Now these are two drastically different beliefs. One side says that the world will experience something life changing and positive. The other side is a little bit more negative, saying the world and all its inhabitants will be destroyed. Now I’m not into judging people for their beliefs or anything, I definitely think that people should believe what they want. But in a way I’m excited and a bit worried (probably not the best words to describe what I’m feeling, but its the best I could do) for 2012 to come and see what happens. On the one side it would be cool if the Mayan calendar was so accurate, and they were able to tell down to the day so many years ago what would happen in 2012. On the other hand I’m worried for what will happen to the people who  believe this if it, in fact, does not come to pass. Being a Catholic, I would feel lost and devestated if somebody came up with definitive proof that there was, in fact, no possible way that God could ever exist. That’s something I have based my life on, and after 20 years of living it would be extremely hard to give up on it. Now think about the people who believe in the 2012 phenomenon. What if 2012 comes and goes like every year. Their beliefs would be torn down. In a way I kinda hope for the positive transformation, so that people wouldn’t have to experience the devestation of losing their faith. But that’s just my opinion.


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