Kick-off week: part 1

This week was the start of the second semester kick-off week. Now, considering I’m not a part of the faculty that is arranging the parties, technically I shouldn’t be allowed to go, but luckily both my roommates are a part of it. So last night (monday night) was the first night of 4 nights of partying. It was a mexican themed party, and let me just say it was awesome. There were lots of people with ponchos, sombrarros(?), and even some some dressed up as a bottle of tequila! We danced the macarena, listened to lots of mexican-ish music and hit pinatas full of condoms and candy! All in all the party was a great success. Tonight there’s gonna be a Trønder Party (don’t really know how to explain what that means in english). But I think I might skip out on that one and rest up for the 90’s party tomorrow. We are going to have a huge foreplay (pre-party) in our tiny little apartment, but its gonna rock nonetheless. Can’t wait! Oh man how I love college ❤


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