Kick-off week: parts 2 & 3

Sit down and hold onto your pants folks, this is gonna be a good one. Wednesday and thursday were the last two days of our spring semester kick-off week, and let me tell you, they were fucking amazing. Wednesday P1280933_edited-1was the 90’s party. We had the pre-party and after-party in our tiny little apartment. There was somewhere around 30 people here so it was pretty packed, but so much fun. Me and one of my roomies Tone, were dressed as Mario and Luigi, from the awesome nintendo 64 games that everyone played when they were kids. There was a guy dressed at the man from Aqua, we had some Spice Girls and then just 90’s clothes in general. After the pre-party we all went to a club called Rick’s where we had a live band P1280941_edited-1playing all our favorite 90’s music. It was awesome. We all danced the night away. Then we had the after party at our house until almost 6 in the a.m. What a way to end the night. But getting up the next morning afternoon was hell, and the apartment was a mess. But we got it partially cleaned 😉

So, now for thursday. We had our last party, which was a ball. ballAll the girls had one amazing dresses and the guys had to wear suits. OMG, so hot! We had our pre-party at Tine’s house. Not as many people there that we had at the 90’s pre-party, but it was still lots of fun. After pre-partying for a couple hours, we made our way to the club that the ball was at. It was pretty awesome. There was a live band playing19747_453184435166_717905166_10623580_2713578_n (they dedicated a song to me the last time I saw them play 🙂 ) and they were really good.  There was 2 bars and lots of room to dance, and mingle and all that good stuff.  All in all it was a great place to have the ball. Afterwards, a group of use with to Micky D’s to get munchie food before going to the after-party. The after-party was with some dude I have no idea who he was, lol, but apparantly my friends did. We ended up staying there til around 6 in the a.m. 19747_453184810166_717905166_10623609_7201634_nagain. I ended up having some pretty fun conversations about why Americans rock, why soccer sucks and what is so appealing about american football, with a guy that looks just like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. He’s pretty awesome.

So all in all, this week rocked. I guess the only downside has been waking up in the afternoon still drunk from the night before, and not being able to make it to any of my lectures. But I guess I’ll survive. I mean this is what college is about, right?


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