A good kiss is better than bad sex

Did you know that 63% of women, if forced to choose, would give up sex before they gave up kissing?

I love little Cosmo fun-facts such as these. They are the whole reason I buy the magazine. To read the awesome sex/relationship related articles. My favorite article is the Febuary addition is “It’s in His Kiss”. There are lots of fun kissing facts. Here’s another.

Did you know 46% of men expect kissing to lead to sex?

Good kissing isn’t necessarily only about technique. It has a lot to do with the person you’re kissing. But there are some techniques that can spice up your kissing experience.

1.The Cocktail:
”Take a sip of champagne or liqueur leaving a little bit on your lips, that way when you kiss he’ll get a little taste of what you’re having.”

2.The Twilight:

“While kissing, gently nibble at his tongue and lips.”

3.The Angel Kiss:

“Kiss gently around the corners of his eyes, before kissing his eyelids.”

4.The Rain Kiss:

“While its puring down rain, alternate between kissing your guy and sucking the water from his jawline and eyelashes. (This works in the shower as well.)”

Like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Its rare that a person is born a perfect kisser, so don’t get down if you’re not number one yet. You’ve got plenty of time to practice girls.

Did you know the average women will kiss 79 people before she marries?


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