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Throwbacks are awesome. One of the best feelings I know is stumbling along pictures on my computer of a day that was totally awesome, but I kinda forgot. It can really put a smile on my face.

That happened to me and my roommate yesterday. She was finally uploading pictures from her camera onto her computer. And when I stress the finally, its because I have good reason. This girl stil has pictures on her camera that she hasn’t uploaded to her computer from when she was in Greece almost a year ago. Its kinda funny…  Back to the throwbacks. We found pictures of a kamera bilder 370party night that we had back in October when two of our friends from the school we went to last year were visiting. When I think back I can’t believe that I could have forgotten that night/day, because we had a fucking awesome time. We had gone to a fashion show where our friend’s aunt was showing some outfits from the store she runs, we ran around IKEA and outside in the pouring rain, and we had an awesome party. It was one of my friends first time every drinking, and it was so cute. kamera bilder 346After a couple sips of beer she was already tipsy and falling out of her seat. We danced to classic music (not classical as in old people music, but as in from when we were kids) like Aqua, Britney Spears, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, the Macarena and the Ketchup Song. I swear that we laughed so much that night that I couldn’t stand upright for most of it. i can’t wait til they come back to visit and we can have a re-run. Everyone knows I’m a girl that likes to party and like to get drunk, but its the parties I go to with my good friends that are the best for me…


4 comments on “Throwbacks

  1. Jeg har hellas bildene på pcen, har bare ikke slettet dem fordi det er så mye plass 😛 Herregud å du poster ting her da! OMG! 😛

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