6 Reasons to Have Sex

Not that people really need a reason to have sex besides the fact that it’s fun and feels good, but sex is really good for your health. Did you know that people  who are regularly sexually active tend to lead less stressful lives and have higher self-confidence than non-sexually active people? Well if you didn’t, now you do. But having sex can do a lot more than that for your health.

  1. Sex reduces heart diseases.
  2. Sex strengthens your immune system.
  3. Regular sex reduces stress.
  4. Sex builds intimacy (with yourself and others).
  5. A good sex life reduces sleep problems.
  6. Sex increases self-confidence.

In my opinion sex is the ish, and these 6 reasons just make it even better. Its like adding sprinkles to icing on a cupcake. You didn’t really need anymore reason to eat the cupcake, but the sprinkles make it that much yummier.


4 comments on “6 Reasons to Have Sex

  1. They also say a glass of wine or a beer a day is good for your health as well. Perhaps the meaning of life is having sex and drinking. And doing both at the same time… the benefits must be infinite.

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