Nerds Need Love Too

Me representing my nerd...

Big thick rimmed glasses. Suspenders. Little bow ties. Shy. Smartest person in school. That’s basically what we think of when we think of nerds. Before it used to be an insult to call somebody a nerd, but not anymore. Now being nerdy is fashionable… well at least it is in Norway. People are ditching their contacts, and putting their glasses to good use. As for the people who don’t wear glasses… well they just wear the frames. Another important part of this “New Age Nerd” is pearl earings for the girls. If you don’t have the biggest pearls studs you can find the you really are just a nerd, and not the cool kind. I’ve also seen a pair of suspenders here and there, but lets just hope those don’t hit the big times again because not many college kids could pull them off. Another previous nerd trait that is not in style now is studying. Sure we have to do it, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. In honor of this new fad, me and my roommates will be throwing a nerd party somewhere in the near future. I can see it already, its going to be fucking awesome. So everbody, EMBRACE YOUR INNER NERD because NERDS NEED LOVE TOO.


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