Nothing Personal

Ever had some one say that to you? I have a love/hate relationship with those two words put together. Nothing personal. I love to say it to people just to see how they react because there are a lot of people who get offended when you say it to them, and I’m one of those people who likes pushing buttons. But when I say it, I honestly mean, nothing personal. The part that I hate is when people say, nothing personal, when you know that they actually mean it personally. If you have beef, just say it. Pussyfooting around what you really mean to say never gets you anywhere. Its along the same lines when people say, with all due respect. To me that’s condescending, but maybe that cause I only use it when I’m try to be sarcastic/condescending. Anyways, back to nothing personal. Here’s a video by All Time Low with lots of nothing personals in it. I love it, and if you watch it you will too. The song is called Weightless, btw.


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