Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Valentine’s Day is being hijacked. The dreaded holiday for most people is changing. Single people complain about being alone, and  people is relationships inevitably find something to complain about as well. But this year Valetine’s Day will be different because this year we are having the Tell Her She’s Beautiful Movement. This Thursday is the first day of the movement and it ends on Valentine’s Day. It basically means that if there is a girl in your life that you care about, whether she is your mom, sister, girlfriend or best friend, you find a way to tell her she’s beautiul. Write it on a card, post it on facebook or just plain say it to her face, but find a way to do it. This Valentine’s Day no girl will be left out. Everyone is going to see they are beautiful in their own way to the people close to them.

Facebook Event Link:!/event.php?eid=271200817740&index=1


2 comments on “Tell Her She’s Beautiful

  1. A) I really like the new theme 🙂
    B) Can I attend said nerd party? I’ve always enjoyed being called a nerd. And wouldn’t mind embracing it some more!

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