What is The World Coming To?

Have you ever experience a professor leaving a lecture to make copies of a paper and not come back? I have. This professor has got to be the dumbest fuck I have ever had the displeasure of being taught by. Last semester we had him, and he wasn’t any better. He continually would come to class just to tell us it was cancelled. He never corrected any of our projects, so that when it was time for exams we had no idea if the way were doing our work was correct or not. The answer to all of our questions was always “I’m not quite sure, but you can read about it in the book.” But even after those dumb things today was the worst of all. We were having a lab to write a couple practice programs, but he hadn’t made enough copies for the entire class. He left to go make the copies and the fucker didn’t come back. I mean come on. Who does that. This guy is supposed to be paid to teach us, but apparently he had better things to do. We have also been having teacher evaluations the past couple days, and he was getting a lot of complaints. But the counselors say that there is nothing to do about it because it is too difficult to hire a new teacher, or to change a teacher who has been teaching for long. Fuck the what?! I wanna know how he became a teacher in the first place… Rant over.


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