Its a great day to be alive

Bergen, Norway. 




Like no joke. It was plus 2 degrees outside today, so everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. Me and Katrine went dowtown and walked around. This week is a special week for one of the universties in Bergen, so there were some performances going on. But none of the guys singing were hot so that was kind of a bummer, but whatev cause their outfits were cool. Katrine bought a curling iron thingy, which is awesome like showa. We went to the post office to pick up a package and saw Ida working there, and she let us cut in front of everyone cause she effing rocks like that. Then we stopped by Deli de Lucas and bought choclate rolls and cinnabons. Yummy. There are soooo delicious there. All in all today was pretty chill. The sunshine made me smile, I got my chocolate fix before I have to give it up on wednesday, and I enjoyed the fresh air outside. But now its time to study which sucks hardcore, but that’s the college life for you.


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