Mr. Right? Are you out there?

Who is the right guy for me? Girls ask themselves that all the time, but do we even really know the answer? This is a response to the comment on Monmons entry Men are…Wolf said

   Then what are the “right men” that you seek?
   Do you even have a clue?
   Or will you keep picking the wrong ones again and again?

Normally I don’t think about the qualities that would make up my ideal man, because realistically there is no available man who will have them all. Girls will always have to compromise. But all that aside, here is my Mr. Right:

— He makes me laugh
— He’s reliable
— He doesn’t fucking lie
— He likes me for who I am, not how people expect me to be
— He stands up for me
— He has self irony
— He’s friendly toward my friends
— He has never cheated on someone before
— He doesn’t play “The Game”
— And most importantly, he isn’t an asshole

This is what makes up my ideal man. The fact that most men I know can’t even live up to half of these traits is sad. What’s even worse is that they try to fake all those things, and all we get is a big kick in the face when we find out the truth.

I don’t go out looking for Mr. Wrong. It’s not my fault he happens to look like Mr. Right in the beginning.


6 comments on “Mr. Right? Are you out there?

  1. These are my “Mr Right” qualities, but then again, I feel that this is EVERYONE’S Mr. Right. I mean honestly, how could it not be?

      • Ugh. Seriously. Actually. I think its that most of the time they just don’t care. No matter how much of a douchebag they might be, some girl will still want on his dong. This is the issue. Girls just need to ALL start saying no. But that day will happen when hell freezes over, because so many of us females are just brain dead.

        • I don’t think girls are brain dead so much as they are too willing to compromise. Like “he’s so hot, so its ok if he’s kind of an asshole” or “I know he cheated on his last girlfriend, but he wouldn’t do it me” or “the reason he doesn’t pay for anything is cause he’s trying to show we are equal.” Those are the little things we mess up on, and then they become kind of big things after awhile.

          • Meh. Well yeah. But what do you say to those girls that now that a guy sleeps around yet they go home with him and tell their friends, “Nah, I’m different. He said I was different and that he really likes me, and we text ALLL the time. So what if he’s been sleeping around? I’m special”

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