Men&Sex :: Fact or fiction?

Ladies, today we are putting to rest all those myths about men and sex. No one really knows where they originate from, but everyone’s heard them. Some are waaay farfetched, some sound like they can be plausible. But now, our minds will finally be put to ease.

    1. Big feet = Big Penis
      Sorry ladies, but in no way, shape or form does a man’s shoe size effect the size of his package. As much as we’d all like this to be true (because, hey, it’d make things easier) its been disproven in countless numbers of surveys over the years. But I wouldn’t put it past people to continue spreading this myth as fact.
    2. Men are always in the mood for sex
      Looks like girls aren’t the only ones that need a break then. This myth has been a relationship enemy for a long time. Girls assume the guys want sex all the time, and when they don’t they feel unwanted. Guys find it hard to livie up to the expectation of being able and willing at anytime. So relax guys and girls, just because you or your partner aren’t in the mood doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.
    3. Men want sex more than woman
      Wrong! This a purely chemical thing. In the first 18 months of being in a relationship guys and girls release a chemical called PEA which amps up the sex drive. The only diference is that for the girls, the chemical slowly stops being released around the 2 years mark, but for the guys it keeps going on for awhile longer. So its not that they want more sex then women, their bodies just produce more chemicals than women.
    4. The average erection is 8 inches long
      Try more like 5.5 to 6.2 inches. What can I say, guys are fibbers. This myth has only led to girls feeling short-changed and guys feeling insecure. So stop the fretting boys, 6 inches is nothing to worry about.
    5. Men think about sex every 7 seconds
      Think logically people, not possible. Let’s do some math. Say the average man stays awake for about 16 hours, thats 57,000 thoughts of sex in one day. That about the amount of times we breath when we are awake. If men thought about sex every 7 seconds they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.
    6. Men never fake it
      Now this is one myth that surprised even me. It turns out that sometimes men need to fake an orgasm too. The main reason for men faking it is that they aren’t in the mood, but don’t want to hurt their partners feelings. The second biggest reason is that they have come too many times already and are just worn out. It might be harder for men to fake it, but apparently its possible.
    7. Men aren’t into foreplay
      Get ready for the long haul ladies, cause men like the foreplay. The building of tension with teasing touches or playing games makes everything that much sweeter for them, and for us. I guess the big O isn’t the only thing on his mind as often as we think.
    8. Men only get turned on my sexy underwear
      Nope. Sure every once in awhile is nice to pull out the lacy and frilly underwear, but if you wear it too often, they’ll get bored with it. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally wearing a nice pair of cotton undies instead of the silk and fancy stuff. Change it up ladies, that’s whats important.

So those are all the myths put to rest for now. You can read more about it in the march edition of Cosmo, not to mention the 5 truths about men&sex.


5 comments on “Men&Sex :: Fact or fiction?

  1. hahahahahahahaha… I’m loving these ‘facts’ XD. I’m not sure if I realy count as a man… but none of these fit me… WOO, I think.

    As for the sex every seven seconds… I doubt I even think about it every 7 minutes… God I guess I fail at life.


  2. Of course you count as a man, sexual preference doesn’t matter.. But don’t worry. The article went on to say that the average man thinks of sex several times a week, but not necessarily several times a day. So you don’t fail 😛

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