Bow Down

Bow down to me people, cause you’re looking at the best sister ever! I have no idea what my 3 older sisters would do without their lovely, baby-of-the-family kid sister. But specifically, its sister #3 who is reaping the benefits of being related to me! Now let me tell you why. Today I saved my sister from a terrible mistake. She decided to join the blogging world and set up an account with Blogspot. Blogspot! I was like,  uhhm Kiikii. No. WordPress is what you need. I then went on to show her the ins and outs of wordpress, or at least helped her as well as I can when we live 10 hours away from eachother. But thats beside the point. The point is that my sister has a blog. It might not be as awesome as mine is, but I can guarentee that once she gets a few posts under her belt it will definitely be worth following, cause we’re cool like that. Check it here :

Sista Love ❤


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