Interesting, to say the least

Last night was interesting, to say the least.

Sunniva&Mari’s party last night was the shit. I ended up not drinking because I was on a sugar-high-roller-coaster all day and didn’t think it would be safe to add alcohol to it. lol.

On the way up to their house I stopped by the store to buy a little treat for them, and got chatted up by the clerk. The convo went a little something like this:

Clerk Dude: “Hellooo”

Me: “Hi”

CD: “What are you doing tonight?”

Me: “Going to a party at a friend’s house” (waiting for my credit card to process while the dude continues to stare at me)

CD: (after the card processes) “That’s perfect” (I smile) “Have a nice night”

Me: “Thanks, you too”

CD:  (as I walk away) “You look pretty”

Me: “Uhh thanks.”

CD: “See ya”

Only in Norway.  This is the second time I have had a weird encounter with a clerk since I moved to Bergen. The last dude took a picture of me on his phone…. Creeper.

When I got to the party and told my friends, I found out that that is the dude Sunniva has a crush on, and has been trying to get him to ask her out for awhile…. Ooops.

Like I said, the party was bomb. Played lots of drinking games. There was jello shots, jungle juice and lots of snacks. I wish I could have been in better shape cause it would have been fun to get drunk there.

I left around 11 cause, like I said, I was sober and its only fun to be around drunk people for ahwile when you haven’t had anything to drink. But it was totally worth those 3 hours I was there.

I can’t wait for their next party. Hopefully I will be able to get my drink on 😀


8 comments on “Interesting, to say the least

  1. Hey there thanks for stopping by, your blog is really cool, its witty, fun, creative and i`ll be back to visit daily 😉
    At anytime if you see a type o in my replies…plllleeeaasee edit/correct it for me lol VERY an*l about that sorta thing, guess my fingers cant keep up with my racing thoughts lol

  2. I forever am editing things on my blog lol esepcially peoples comments as well as many of my posts…its almost as if I dont even see a type o’s…untill i’ve hit submit…and your welcome its great to visit, get different povs, chit chat and your blog is going to be alot to talk about…well it already is 😉

  3. The same happens here. I still don’t think I’ve caught all the typos even after reading each post like 5 Its like in my mind I know what I am trying to say, so when I read it thats what I see.

  4. Well, your friend will certainly have fun with him. Lol. Have you seen The Landlord with Will Ferrel? “Hopefully I will be able to get my drink on” made me think of it. You should youtube it if you haven’t already seen it lol. It’s hilarious.

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