Knock on wood?

I always forget those 3 simple words, so I guess I will forever and always be jinxed.

I posted an entry on saturday about how happy I was because the weather was getting warmer, and the sun was starting to shine. Guess who got hit with a snowstorm last night…. That would be Bergen.

We are now swimming through inches of snow. Bleh. I worked out for a little over an hour today at the gym and when I walked back outside we had at least anouther 2 inches. I just want to burrow under my blankets in my bed and not come out until there is not a single snowflake left… But alas! That is not the life that was chosen for me.

I have to get my butt in gear to go meet Tone, Tora and Camilla at a cafe. Its gonna be fun, but I still wish the cafe was right next door to my apartment and not downtown, so I didn’t have to walk for forever in the snow…


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