Reasons to be happy.

In a way its kind of sad that we need reasons to be happy. That we need some kind of qualifier to make it worth it. I think life would be so much more fufilling if we could be happy by nature, and only needed reasons to be sad or angry or stuff like that. In reality most people are complacent by nature, and need a reason to smile. To me that is a reason to be sad.

But since it is not my mission in life to change human nature, here are the reasons I have to be happy today:

I get to see my family!

I’m going home tomorrow!

The apartment is really clean right now.

I’m going home tomorrow!

We are done planning Tone’s birthday party

I’m going home tomorrow!

My chocolate cravings have subsided.

I’m going home tomorrow!

We have winter vacatioin next week.


Now, everyone can see that I’m really happy to be going home tomorrow, but my number one reason to be happy today is:

Because I want to be.


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