Its your duty to shake your booty?

Everyone remembers Aqua, right?

I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world…
Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones, calling Dr. Jones…
I am the candyman, coming from bountyland…

Well, what most people don’t know about this band is that they are from Norway. The lead singer chick’s name is Lene Nystrom. Now, I always knew that they were from Norway, being norwegian and all, but I just recently found out that Lene Nystrom also had a career as a solo artist. Her hit song was called “Its your duty (to shake your booty).” I swear the first time I heard this song I laughed so hard. Its so dumb, but so addicting. You can’t help but actually shake your booty to it.


7 comments on “Its your duty to shake your booty?


    I remember them theor like one f my favorite groups
    (loved Candyman, my oh my and Calling you) to ad the split up, but aparrentlly she is doing her thing, the vid is nice
    Seeing these groups break up is sad at times, however its very amazing to see the lone wolf of the pack get up and bring sexy even harder than before lol. Bravo to her and will be looking for more videos and songs from here in the future.

    that video, theme and moves were all smoking hot!

    • Hahahha. Yeah, it was cool to see that she made it on her own for awhile, but I doubt we’ll see anymore hits by her. This one is from 2003 and there hasn’t been anyting as big since. I guess Aqua was a better idea. lol

  2. wow 7 yrs ago from looking at the video I thought it was a new release, well she did give it a good try,

    not to mention that video was ahead of its time because there are people doing those exact same themes and moves in videos of today.

    Singer Ciara has a video where she uses women typing in her performance, looks like Lene was a original girl in a copycat world.

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