My dad bought a Wii for himself this christmas.

I’m home visiting this winterbreak, so its a given that I’m going to play Wii.

I played once, like a year ago and found out that I’m really good at bowling.

Today I found out that I’m a good boxer too. (At least when I play my sister).

Totally got a KO in the second round 😀

Anyways, here’s the proof of my awesomeness.

P.S. you know  you all are jealous of my weekend-at-home-on-vaction-outfit. Which is onsies tied around my waist, a sports bra over my tank, and a sumo-wrestler-top-knot 🙂


4 comments on “Wiiiiiiii!

  1. Oh that’s just TOO funny! I can’t say much for either of your techniques, but your sis looks likes she guiding a plane in for landing! 😆

    I miss playing games, but I kinda lost interest when they started requiring too much effort to remember what all the darned buttons do. When I saw the cool way the Wii got around that, I’ve wanted one ever since. :mrgreen:

    And there’s always the exercise component to consider. Although, after watching you and your sis, I think maybe I should have emergency personnel on standby! 🙄

    • Hahah. Yeah, obviously neither of us box for real. lol.
      And you definitely need some kind of irst aid around if you play wii cause you get really into it with out meaning too, and thats when people get hurt. My sister’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time and she’s gotten hit a few times. lol

  2. Wii Boxing is just fantastic! Especially when you get good at it, and you just realise that actually, you’re much better if you stand completely still and don’t try and box like a ‘real’ boxer at all xD!

    I love video games 🙂

    • Hahaha. Yeah. We figured out that you do better that way, but you kinda get so into the game that you can’t help but bounce around. Lol.

      I’m so gonna get myself a wii now. It rocks 😀

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