Good things come when you least expect it

Today was supposed to be a normal saturday.

Boring all day before I decided to get ready to go out.

Turned out I was wrong. Its been so much funner than that.

Ended up going in to the city center for Tone to buy birthday presents for 3 friends.

On the way there we randomly stubbled by a free concert in sentrum.

A1 was the band playing. They apparantly were the shit back in the 90’s and have made a comeback on the show Melody Grand Prix.

They were pretty cool.

The lead singer dude has a british accent. Yum.

We went in this cute little shop with a bunch of random stuff that I just loved.

I could buy the whole store out.

Then we went clothes shopping cause Tone “had nothing to wear”
(pssh she has enough clothes for a family of 5)

I found an amaaaazingly cute dress, but I can’t buy it cause I’m saving money.

But who knows My willpower against buying clothes is virtually nonexistant.

On the walk home we got whistled at by some 17 year olds.

That made me laugh. lol

Now its time to eat pizza, and get ready for Sunniva and Mari’s party.

I can’t drink cause of anitbiotics, but their parties are fun even when they you’re sober.


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