A couple days ago I had the most interesting/weird dream in a long time.

People involved : me, my roommate Tone, a hot dude.

Location : The great mall of america in Minnesota (hahaha)

What happened : I was on a date with the hot guy. Things had apparantly gotten serious between us and he wanted to make us official. I got scared and started running away. For some reason we were on the very top floor of the mall, and as I was running away I saw my roommate. I told her to run. So we were running down stairs and escalators and ducking under railings and such to get to the exit. When we got to the bottom floor, we could see the exit but they had just washed the floor so it was wet and we couldn’t run anymore. My roommate made me explain why we were running as we walked toward the exit. So I explained to her that he wanted to be exclusive, but I didn’t want that. She kept telling me to give him a chance, and that I need to believe. And I kept telling her that I couldn’t cause I didn’t believe in love. Just as we were about to get to the exit, the hot dude stepped in front of us, and Tone pushed me at him. He grabbed me and said “just give me a chance” and then I woke up.

Hahaha. Seriously. The only time I remember my dreams are when they are really weird and random. We sat laughing at this the next morning. What is really funny is that Tone almost never speaks english to me, but she was speaking it in the dream. That really threw me off.


2 comments on “Dreaming

    • Hehe. I love sharing my crazy dreams with people. We always have a good time laughing at them. As far as crazy dreams go though, this one isn’t even top 20. My imagination can really get the best of me sometimes:P

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