Spring Break

I cannot wait for this weekend.

Its the start of spring break, and mine is gonna kick ass.

I’ll get home late friday night, and on satuday the fun begins.

Me, the sister, the cousin, and some friends will be taking the ferry to Denmark.

Which translates to: we will be getting wasted on a boat, and goin to a club after.

You think it couldn’t get better than that, but oh man it will.

Going to Denmark means taxfree. Which means good alcohol for little money.

Who can argue that?

During the week I’ll be home, and I’ll find something fun to do.

The second weekend of spring break I’ll prolly be taking a trip to Germany with my cousin.

That’s going to be wicked awesome.

I’ve never been there before, but I heard its the shit.

To end spring break, I’ll be taking my cousin back with me to stay in Bergen.

Needless to say, we’re gonna burn this place down.

Basically, I want this week to end so that the fun can begin.


2 comments on “Spring Break

    • Hehe thanks. 😀 What really happened during Spring Break is a couple post after this one. It was a lot of fun. But as of now, no advetures over here. Exams are right now so I have to wait until afterwards. But right when summer starts, the adventures are going to be awesome 😀

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