To love, or not to love

I’m torn.
On one hand I can’t wait for spring break to come, and on the other hand I wish it wouldn’t.
The vacation itsself is going to be amazing, I know that much.
But after its over, it means that I only have one month until my first exam.
I just got my semester project for one class.
I have to design a library system from scratch for Donald Duck Land.
Its kind of a lame project, but its going to take forever.
And it counts as 40% of my grade.
I also found out that I am not offically 13 chapters behind in my economics class.
Good thing its all easy so it won’t be too hard to catch up on.
Plus thats my last exam, so I don’t have to worry about that until June 9th.
The only plus side to exams coming now is that it means summer is almost here.
I got a summer job again this year working at the activity park at the zoo.
Sounds lame, but its so much fun working with all the kids.
Plus there’ll be 12 of us this year that worked last year, so it will be fun to see them all again.
Anyways, I should start reading my economics ish.
Although I do have a 7 hour trip tomorrow, so I might get a lot done then 😀


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