Change of plans

So I had originally thought that my spring break was going to be off the hook, cause we planned on going to Denmark and Germany to party it up. Well now there been a change of plans that will make it even better 😀

Saturday we ended up going to one of my good friends’ house for a party and went to a club afterwards. It was wicked fun. We danced like there was no tomorrow and basically had an awesome time. On the bus on the way home at 2:30 in the a.m. we watched too little douchebags get in a fight on the bus. Seriously it was one of the most childish things I’ve seen. I almost got my earing pulled out cause we were sitting right next to where the were fighting. But all in all that night was fun.

Today and monday its going to be relaxing and playing wii and planning for our big trip.

On tuesday my cousin and I are taking the ferry over to Denmark, and from there we are hopping on the interrail for 6 days. For those of you don’t know what the interrail is, its basically just a bunch of traintracks that go all over Europe. You can buy a pass for a couple days, and you can just go anywhere you want with it. We have decided to go this route: Hirtshals, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium to Lille, France to Paris, France to Frankfurt, Germany and back to Hamburg, Germany and finally back to Hirtshals, Denmark to take the ferry back to Norway. Its a lot to get in in only 6 days but we don’t have that much time. We have to be back in Norway by monday to take the train back home to me.

Basically, this spring break is turning out better than I had hoped. I love it!


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