Everything fails.

Me and my cousin spent hours planning our epic euro adventure.

Had everything planned out, dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s.

Then we tried to order our interrail passes.

That’s when we found out that my cousin can’t have one.

She doesn’t live in europe so she doesn’t qualify.

And it would take 5 days for the american version of the pass to be mailed here.

Really God, what have we done to deserve this?

We have now decided to take a cruise instead.

If that falls through I don’t know what we’re going to do.

We are totally saving our plans though so that the next time she visits we can do it.

It really would be an epic adventure… we’ll do it one day.


5 comments on “EPIC FAIL!

  1. Things dont always go as planned, at times we choose to do things just at the wrong time or maybe it was just fates way of sparing you drama or issues. Dont let one fallout plan ruin it for future ones also dont be to eager either…a trip takes a little time to plan because you want it just right. The cruise is’nt what you might have wanted at the time, but its alot better than what most of us will be doing which is work…work…and more…work! Either way enjoy your trip.

    • That so true. Things didn’t go just like we planned, but we ended up having an awesome time. I’ll blog about it a bit later, but I totally don’t regret going because we had the time of our lives 🙂

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