Euro Trip!

Well not so much Euro trip as Scandinavia trip, but still. We ended up ditching the cruise idea and taking a trip through Scandinavia instead. That way we could actually see things beside the inside of the boat 😉

We started off driving up to Moss, Norway and taking the ferry over the fjord toward Sweden. We first went to Nordby, Sweden to go shopping. Lots of fun there. I have been there like a million times since I used to live like an hour away from there, but it was still lots of fun. They have on of the biggest malls I’ve ever seen and that says a lot since I come from California and we have lots of big malls there.

Next we drove down to Gøteborg, Sweden. I had never been there before, but it was kinda cool. It was very Los Angeles looking with all the traffic and the huge streets and stuff. We almost got into like 5 car crashes though because we couldn’t find the freakin train station, but luckily we survived. After a couple hours there we had to leave to catch out train out of there.

We took a train down to Copenhagen, Denmark. Let me just say, best place in Denmark ever!. We got there around 9 at night. Had a little difficulties finding out hotel. The dude we asked for help told us the it was on the street after the one with 7eleven on the corner. Little did we know every freakin street had 7eleven on the corners. We ended up going to a small pub that night and met two fellow traveling americans. That is always fun. Aterwards we were looking for a club with a pool table, but we ended in some random place that was blasting music. We paid about 20 bucks to get in, and after that it was an open bar where you could order as much as you wanted and whatever you wanted. I think I ended up with 8 or 9 tequila sunrises, a sex on the beach, a beer and 5 or 6 shots of tequila. Needless to say I was satisfied because tequila is my favorite!

The next morning we were a bit hungover. We went out to eat and this italian restaurant and got the biggest pizzas like ever! Then we decided to do the tourist thing and walk around downtown Copenhagen for a cuple hours. Its really just an awesome place. Lots of stores and street performers that are fun to watch. We ended up buying those red noses for humor against aids, and wore those all day. It was like EVERYONE had them, which was cool. We ended up taking an easy night and just watched tv and ate Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. Since i still can’t have chocolate I have to get Strawberry Cheescake but its was still yummy.

We left the next afternoon to take the train to Hjørring, Denmark. We didn’t have much time there because we had to catch another train to Hirtshals almost right away. When we got to Hirtshals we had like 2 hours to kill before our ferry left back to Norway. We ended up going out to eat. We had really good hamburgers and fries, like the best I’ve had outside America.

When we finally got on the ferry I saw a couple of my high school friends which was fun. Its always nice to catch up with old friends. We had lots of fun in the tax free shop on the ferry. I got a huge bottle of Absolut Black. Which is the strongest you can buy (50%) and a six pack of CB (my favorite beer that you can’t buy where I live). My cousin got some wine and a bottle of normal Absolut. They unfortunately didn’t have my Ed Hardy perfume that I love, cause I have less than half a bottle and I can’t livve without that stuff.

We got home around one in the a.m. and just hit the sheets. I got an amazing 10 hours of sleep and now I’m ready for a weekend of partying in Norway. I’m really glad that I had lots of fun evern though the trip wasn’t what we originally planned. But that’s life. You expect one thing, get another, but things still turn out great. Pics will be up late btw.


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