I <3 Visitors!

After my little sabatical, I’m finally back 🙂

My cousin from Calfiornia just left last night., whæ. I miss her already.

We had a fuck me awesome time while she was at my apartment.

We had a successful night out on thursday (besides the whole blacking out part).

On saturday we had a halfway sucessful night. We weren’t very drunk so the creepers and stalkers were really on our nerves. My poor cousin has a stage 5 clinger.

The other days she was here we walked around Bergen, bought a couple of souvenirs for her, enjoyed the sunshine, ate at T.G.i.Fridays and basically worshiped the good weather 😀 (its sunny in Bergen which is rare)

Back to reality, which reads school, studying, projects…. no life.

It was good while it lasted at least.


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