My life would suck without you.

Well actually, my life does suck without you. And by you I mean my internet.

I have no internet at home. Whæ.

I never realized how much I actually rely on the internet until now.

Its been two days, and I am stuck having to go to school everytime I need to use it.

It sucks.

Especially on days like today when I was 100% down to ditch school.

But I can’t cause I have projects to work on, but no internet.

If I had internet at home I could have worked form home.

At least I have internet on my phone so I can still check Facebook now and then.

I’m am extremely sad to say, that I don’t think I could live without Facebook.

Wow, I’m a little bit pathetic I think.

Oh well, I’ve come to terms with my Facebook addiction before, so its really no surprise.

Anyways, cross your fingers that I get my internet fixed soon, cause I don’t want to have to come to school on the weekend just to use the internet…


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