Right now I am doing my little happy dance in my head because last night we found out that we got an apartment!


Not the one we originally wanted, but one just as good, if not, better.

Its got 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a laundry room.

This might sound a little wierd, but after a year of living with the kitchen and the living room being the same room I can’t wait to have them separate again.

The only thing that sucks is that we are taking over the apartment in May, and my lease for the apartment I live in now ends in June, so I’ll be paying double rent for two months.

Kinda sucky, but definitely worth it.

Just yeah, wow. I’m excited to move in.

Won’t be until middle of May or early June, but yeah. Its gonna be bomb.fucking-com!

Hence the whoopdeewhoo-excellent! 😀


4 comments on “Whoopdeewhoo-excellent!

  1. i was a lil preoccupied lastnight while we were talking…why can’t you just give your landlord notice that you wanna move out…then you don’t have to pay double…how long notice do you have to give?

    • We did give notice already. But the contract cays that you have to give up the apartment 2 month in advance. If we would have known we could have an apartment in may we would have given it up one month earlier.

  2. Great on the new pad, yes we all need our space and living together literally like a can of sardines is not cool at all.
    The doublke rent thing is crazy, not sure how your apts do things, but where i’m at alot them do first and last months rent or will prorate you…either wait one more month in the current for the new is finished or see if the new one can bet made ready earlier.

    no need for two rents – u can only live at one place at a time

    • Its kinda dumb the way it happened. I am bound by a contract to pay for my current apartment until June, and the guy that owns the new apartment would only rent it to us if we could start renting in May cause he needs the money. So we could have said no and not paid 2 months, but this apartment is so cute and amazing that we just HAD to have it 😀

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