Lose-Lose Situation

I am completely and utterly pissed off. Like I just want to hit something, or more like someone in particular.

I have just been told by my partner in one of my classes, that for our semester project I basically have to do everything and she’ll do nothing.

Before the weekend I had already done have the project and sent it to her so she could do her part.

I got a text yesterday saying that if I could just finish it, then she would proof read it and write the conclusion cause she doesn’t know how to do it. Let me just say, I was floored.

I asked if we could meet up and work on it together so I could show her how to do it, since she apparantly has forgotten everything we have learned all yearm, but she can’t cause her kid is sick. Which is sucky I know, and I don’t blame her for wanting to stay home with her kid, but there’s gotta be a litle compromise. I shouldn’t be stuck with it all.

But now I am. FML. Either I do what she can’t and end up doing basically the whole thing, or I don’t do and we get a bad grade. Like I said… Lose-lose situation.


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