Finally done moving. I love it! I wasn’t actually as helpful as I wanted to be with my bum knee and all, but I did do some stuff. I can’t wait to finally start living in the new apartment. June 3rd is when it happens. Its gonna be We went to IKEA and looked at like everything, and picked out a kitchen table&chairs, living room tables, entertainment center and a rug. We picked  up our couches too. They are sooo comfortable.

It was fun seeing my mom again after a couple weeks without seeing her. She always makes me laugh, and this time wasn’t any different. She was her usual blonde self getting lost in Bergen city center, driving to where she was sleeping only to realize she forgot her keys with me, driving on sidewalks, thinking that she knows better than her GPS system and a bunch of other things that would take to long to explain. I don’t think I cane even count the times that I started my sentence with “Only my mom…”

Tomorrow is May 17th which, for those of you who don’t know, is Norway’s national holiday. Now since I’m not a real norwegian and all, I don’t really have any emotional ties to that day. I was planning on waking up around noon and going out to enjoy the activities. But no. The drumline will start pounding their drums at a nice and early 7:00 in the morning! OMFG. I’m gonna die if I can’t get my sleep tomorrow. But I guess I’ll just take it as it comes.  At least I’ll get ice cream tomorrow.


12 comments on “Done.Finished.Complete

  1. Time really flies, I remember when you first mentioned you were going to move now your all done…glad to hear this.
    IKEA has some of the best stuff also bedbathandbeyond does as well (not sure if you have them there) moving is a hassle, but unpacking is easier than packing.

    • I love IKEA and BedBathAndBeyond, but unfortunately we don’t have a BedBathAndBeyond in Norway. But maybe when I go back to the states I can go there and pick up some little things 😀 I’m actually a bigger fan of packing than unpacking. I always seem to make a mess when I unpack, and that takes forever to get tidy again 😛

      • i`m the exact opposite, I HATE PACKING with a passion, sorting out, the gathering, boxing, wrapping omg it seem like the end of the world to me lol There has been times when was moving there i looked around at what i had to pack…i just said screw it and left things behind.

            • Not yet. We have everything picked out that we want, but now we just gotta actually buy it. The kitchen and living room tables, some pots, an entertainment center and then some other small things. But I gotta start my summer job first cause I’m poor! :/

              • …you could’nt be POOR because all your posts are so RICH in humor and exciting 😉

                the small things when you have enough of them or as many as you feel you’ll need…tend to make a big difference on how you and others view your place.

                • Hahaha. Thanks, but if only that were enough 😛

                  I know right. I can’t wait to finally put our own little touch on it. Instead of it just being a bunch of IKEA furniture 😀 Thats the best part about moving.

    • Were you in Bergen? Did you enjoy it besides the wetness? Although in all fairness, Bergen is the rainiest city in Norway, so you can’t expect it to be anything but wet 😛

      • Da – Bergen for a week, and then Trondheim for 10 days, with some travel in between and around the fjords.

        It was very nice, just… grey. I came at the wrong time really — I will visit again next summer, I think.

        • Bergen and Trondheim are to amazing cities to visit if you are lucky with the weather. There’s so much life in them if you know the right places.
          I recommend Kristiansand if you visit in the summer. Not a very big city, but amazingly beautiful in the summer.

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