Summer job = the zoo

Yay! I finally got my hours for the zoo in June from my boss. When people hear that I have a  summer job at the zoo I usually get one of two responses; 1:”Aww you’re so lucky” or 2:"Do you get to play with the monkies?” Unfortunately, no. I don’t deal with any of the animals, except the peacocks that roam around free, and always seem to be in my way. I work in the amusement part of the zoo. I work a bunch of activites: the car track, the haunted house, the safari train ride, the submarine boats and the swingy/spinning thing that you see in the picture. Its really enjoyable. The best is that half of the people I worked with last year are coming back this year! Its gonna be fosho.

I start on the 11th so I have one day vacation before I start. I don’t mind though. The kinda sucky part is that I only have 80 hours in June. Whæ. My minimum wage here is $20.50, so I’ll make about $1600 but I was really hoping for more. Who kows maybe lots of people will call in sick all the time in June and I’ll be able to fill in for them. Or in the worst case i’ll just have to ask my boss if I can work like everyday in July. My new apartment isn’t going to buy things for itself, and the last time I checked tequila wasn’t free, so I need to up my bank account stat.


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