Ever stop think if some of the behavior you show towards other people could be  misconstrued as “stalkerish”? Personally, I have never thought that, but I have had my fair share of people who I would catagorize as “stalkers” so here’s my list. You do 3 or more of these and you are probably, totally stalker-status.

Find me on facebook:
-when I never told you my name,
  email, no friends in common etc.

Find my cellular device number:
-when I never told you my name, gave you
my number, no friends in common etc.

Find me at school:
-never told you my name, where I 
go/we go to different schools etc

Texting me:
-multiples times a day even when I don’t
  respond, and you fall under number 2

Friending my friends:
-when you’ve never met them,
and you fall under number 1

Finding my apartment:
-when you “randomly” happen to stumble across my
apartment, when I never told you my name etc

“Random” meetings:
– we “randomly” run into eachother
   5 days in a row, not a coincidence

-when you know my family’s name, address, phone
number etc, when I’ve never even mentioned them

Are you stalking someone?


8 comments on “Stalker-status?

  1. Unforunately its sad, but yes true I have stalked people
    …mostly because they had stalked me first 😉
    lets just hope and pray they dont use all methods you named

    then things could get scary (yikes)

  2. I think an old massage therapist is stalking me. She keeps showing up at my work, talking at me on FB, and today I saw her at the gas station. Who yells out your name at a gas station? That’s like greeting guys at the urinal or something… (I never thought of myself as an antisocial gas pumper before. You learn something every day!)

  3. Yes creepy indeed

    now on a serious note just last night I was watching a YT video where a girl stated she gets tons of mail not all she replies to…a man popped up to her job, introduced himself he stated he has been a fan for yrs, hits her up all the time, but she does’nt ever respond, she stated she is flooded with mail and is to busy to reply…he pulled out a gun and shot her 3 times. She recovered, but the fact is their are some crazy people here in the world.

    especially in cyberspace

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